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What is  is an online service for Snapchat and Kik users to search for strangers to chat with. Snapchat and Kik is a popular instant messaging service with millions of active users interacting with the application every day. commonly targets young adults who are interested in getting to know new people. However, is a service meant to search for users only in Snapchat or Kik, therefore, other platforms such as Instagram does not work here. Nonetheless, it is still a really cool app that allows users to get in touch with people of similar interests as them.

The basic functions of are to allow users to freely explore the list of usernames that were voluntarily submitted by them. Users are also able to register themselves into the database where they will be prompt to enter their username, age, gender, and a brief description about themselves to show others topics that interest you. Having a brief yet detailed section about yourself helps to boost the chances of getting a stranger to find your username and engage in a conversation with you. Also, users will be required to choose the type of conversation that they are interested to have which goes down into choosing either a having a friend or an intimate one. From there, users of either gender will be able to find you on the list of usernames.


Going to is a good way to get to know people from around the world, or if you’re searching for something more special that you just can’t seem to find in your area. There’s no harm to embarrass yourself a little bit when talking to strangers, after all, if it just doesn’t end up how you want it to be, you won’t actually have to run them in real life anyway!