How Black Markets affect the MMO Gaming Industry

How Black Markets affect the MMO Gaming Industry

Every MMO is bound to have an illegal market that thrives its goods from hacking in the game. Take Maplestory for example, those involved in the black market use bots and hackers to auto kill thousands of monsters a second and loot its virtual currency to sell to others in real cash. There’s no stopping this kind of players no matter how many times Nexon (the developer of 토토먹튀 Maplestory) has issued repetitive bands among these bots and hackers.

Players that go through black markets are ones that would prefer an easy way out to have more virtual money within seconds by paying them for it. This method is called Gold Farming and it is very popular in Runescape and World of Warcraft. Virtual cash has their own exchange currencies and some of them get even more expensive depending on the server you’re in.

Other than Runescape, there are still other MMOs that have a sneaky spot for black markets to start their business. You can find new and interesting Korean MMOs in a Korean MMO game review website. One of them is known as “먹튀사이트” (Translated to Toto and Eats), also known as “토토먹튀”, or “먹튀. The website helps users to check out MMOs by the number of articles posted by the site. How the site verifies the authenticity of an MMO is by running them through a series of verification steps (먹튀검증사이트). After it is verified (먹튀검증), the site will provide screen captures and details of the MMO for users who are interested.

Even with registration, there are still possible dupes that could steal information from users, such as their email and identification number.

Game companies have thought of various ways to add in new security to prevent bots from logging in. Some of them include suspicious behavior detection where if you were to constantly log in and out for a period of time, players can be temporarily suspended until the following day. But this doesn’t stop the black market from being cunning and innovating to find ways to earn money from the MMO’s economy.

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