Watch out for MMORPG Scams

Watch out for MMORPG Scams

MMO’s are a fun place to hang out with your friends where you get to run quests together and meet new people as well. Companies that develop MMO’s would generally make profit out of it. If you’ve played an MMO before, you’ll know of the cash system that you can reload using real money. But even MMOs aren’t entirely a safe place to let loose, especially with your hard-earned virtual cash. Here are some scams you should watch out for to make sure you don’t end up a pawn.

Lottery Scams

One of the oldest scam to exist since the start of MMOs. Lottery scams are run by players 토토먹튀 by first advertising that they are running a lottery with a 1-100 rolling system. However, there is no real way to show their honesty and people who bet a surprisingly high amount of money would probably end up losing them even if they won.

Auction Scams

A clever scam that usually appears in any MMORPGs. Auction scams work by placing a dubious item for sale within the game’s auction system where no one else is selling for an incredibly high amount of money (e.g 100k gold). Then, the same person who placed the item on auction would go into a different account and advertise that he is looking for that particular obscure item for 200k. The main goal of the scam is to convince others to buy the item from you so that they could sell it back at a higher value with, of course, you in another account.

Even as these are just a couple of cash scams in MMORPG’s, however, you’ll need to wary of how legit MMO’s are before you actually sign up for it. A Korean MMO game review website that is rising in popularity is known as “토토먹튀”, “먹튀”, or “먹튀사이트” (Translated to Toto and Eats) has helped many players to verify (먹튀검증) and confirm MMO sites that require registration. By checking the verification site (먹튀검증사이트). , users can have some sense of relief that they won’t be registering to a game filled with scams.

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