Why do we Call it a Smartphone?

Basically, a smartphone is a mobile phone that is installed with an operating system that is capable of handling more than calling and messaging. Smartphones combine the features of a computer’s operating system with a mobile device that makes it into a powerful device capable of accessing the internet and run many third-party applications that have benefit people’s lives with its amazing convenience and technology.

Compared to a regular mobile phone, smartphones have greater and more reliable features that act as an individual’s personal assistant. Tech companies like Google and Apple have already created an intelligent assistant that is designed to help with tasks such as navigation, calendar reminders, and weather forecasting reports. Smartphones are also able to take better and photos and videos due to its more advanced hardware. Furthermore, there are many apps for smartphones that makes life even more convenient.

As almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, smartphones can also be used as a tracking device or find your lost phone. A German application called the ‘Handy Orten App’ also called as the ‘Handy Orten Ohne App’ or the Mobile Phone Location was built for the use of finding a lost employee, tracking your child’s whereabouts, or if you have your phone stolen, you can use the app to find it. The apps ability to utilize the smartphone’s capabilities in searching for other phones is truly amazing. There is an extensive guide available on the developer’s website on how to active the handy orten (mobile phone locator) which can come in handy one day if you had somehow misplaced your phone.

While we do still hear the negative side effects of owning a smartphone, having to fully utilize the smartphone’s capabilities will actually surprise you with how amazing they are. And with apps like the Handy Orten Ohne App, they truly make the smartphone a must-have technology today.

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